Mini Jump Start

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So you've had a long day at work and finally, 5 pm rolls around. It's a Friday afternoon and all your friends are going to get drinks nearby. You get to your car and it won't start, and you look down and see your phone is out of battery. Yeah, this is a terrible situation. 

Well my friend, let's introduce the mini jump start. Within minutes you'll be back on the road. You can also charge your phone or light up the night with the built-in flashlight. Everyone has a portable battery charger, but how many of those can jump start cars? Yeah, we didn't think so. 

The jump starter weighs 1 pound and outputs 2.1 A at 12 volts. We're told you can start over 1000 cars with this bad boy. Now hopefully that you'll never need to do that, but if it happens let us know.